Battle Royale (Poetry Anthology I)

White Walls
By Leigh Ansel-Grant

Perhaps I’ve trapped myself
Underneath all this debris
The baggage, the secrets
Are all there along with me

Inside my cage I am
Only what I want to be
No pressure, no expectation
For no one else can see

I look around my prison
Not an echo nor a cree
And see that there is nothing
But white walls that set me free

For things to remain as is
Is that too much to ask of thee?
Alas in my mind I am not doomed
To suffer mediocrity

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Smile wide, laugh loud
Stand tall, be proud
This is what I was told
Disobey? I’m not so bold

Go forward, don’t turn
This is all I have to learn
I played along for o-so-long
I forgot I sang a different song

A face so full of mirth
To maintain so did it hurt
Perhaps too long she thought
For it was freedom that she sought

Smile wide, laugh loud
Stand tall, be proud
That was all that she would do
Or at least she used to

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Now I lay my head
Close my eyes to sleep
But then I wake up dead
And it’s not from counting sheep

Stand up from my coffin
Look out at my service
Sad faces needed loving –
Not from me, for I am selfish

Relief is what I feel
Not the sadness that should come
Cause should I be real
In life I was just numb

So on faded legs I walk
And take a breath not needed
The first time my lips spread
All the heaviness is lifted

Retina Scan
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Perhaps a shining glint
Of what I feel for thee?

Look into my eyes
Where all my secrets hide
And try to find the hidden spark
That makes me come alive

Look into my eyes
The window of the soul
Seek what it is you need
To make you close the hole

Look into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Before I close them and give up
Leaving nothing but a cree

Never Neverland
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Water, blood, and pixie dust
Guts, brains, and hearts of rust
Neverland so far away
But here they say to seize the day

Dreams out of grasp and out of sight
But never are they out of mind
What Peter Pan would be I wonder
Had you taken away the childhood splendor

Wendy waits for spring to come
We all can’t help but think her dumb
A land of truly wonderful things?
Perhaps she needs a hospital wing

We do not know, it is her we envy
She didn’t give up – that girl named Wendy
She fought and kicked when we dismissed
The dreams that we just now all miss

Isn’t It?
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

She calls you dumb, what do you do?
You lock yourself inside your room
Inside the cupboard hides your prize
Another line across your thigh

Useless, he claims, what do you do?
You smile and laugh with others too
And then alone you sit, grasp, cry
At plain white balls you think you’ll try

They all leave you, what do you do?
You’re used to it – yes – that is true
But still hold on for don’t dare
To think that really no one cares

It’s dark inside, what do you do?
You scream and shout and struggle too
They gather ’round you and all stare
But no one hears, this isn’t rare

Feeling nothing, what do you do?
You fix a smile when you are cued
They like you more when you pretend
And start a play that does not end

The question’s asked, what do you do?
You push it down and swallow too
To your weakness you will not bend
The warning signs you will not send

It’s coming back, what do you do?
Shake it off then say untrue
Acceptance is not guaranteed
If anything, they’re sure to leave

Ending it now, that you will do
Yes – put an end to useless you
No longer will these feelings breed
It’s easy now, just do the deed!

To be afraid? That will not do!
You know it’s true. They want you to
Just move a step, that’s all it takes
To pain, again, you will not wake

Sitting alone, what do you do?
Wonder if you really want to –
End all the voices and the ache
It’s just your life, nothing at stake

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Father looks so perfectly strong
With a handsome face so clean
But when the bottles come at night
He is nothing but cruel and mean

Mother seems so amazingly caring
With a smile to soothe the aches
But then she raises her hand –
And there’s suddenly more at stake

Son who looks so admirable
With his sports and chiseled jaw
But parties, friends, a few mistakes
Would be his biggest flaw

Daughter so dainty and delicate
With good grades and manners too
But wrong is she inside the head
For only she knows what is true


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