Hopeless Romantic (Poetry Anthology II)

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

ONE is when we glance –
And then our eyes meet
TWO is when we smile –
Just a warm way to greet

THREE is when we walk –
To close the gap between
FOUR is when we stop –
But we don’t cause a scene

FIVE is when we speak –
And laugh our nerves away
SIX is when we halt –
Each wanting just to stay

We look into each other’s eyes
Burning beauty like a dove
SEVEN is when we lean –
Cause now we are in love

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

It wasn’t about my heart
It wasn’t about his either
The way he spoke, and how he smiled
All was of another

It didn’t matter what I thought
All the present differences
Because I was reminded –
Of a long lost heart breaker

Intelligence is similar
Rudeness is something new
But close enough are they
To make my heart skip

He hurts me too
Much like the other
But does it matter?
My heart knows no difference

Here I Am
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

You claim that no one loves
You claim that it’s not you
And I would have agreed
Had you not hurt me too

I told you once you had me
You laughed it off and said
Something once so hurtful
It’s something I don’t get

No right at all you have
To tell me how I feel
Cause I once I thought about
How us could become real

Why can’t I hate you now?
You’ve made me cry so much
I just can’t let you go
I suffer now as such

Lilac Sky
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

Red as fire burns
Red as passion strong
Red as your eyes turn
Red this should be wrong

Blue as water calm
Blue as skies so still
Blue as cooling palms
Blue could this be real?

Should I have fought more?
Should I have given up?
It would have hurt less
But then we would have stopped

And now we face each other
Tears flowing and hands clenched
Our hearts beat to just one rhythm
Standing at different sides of a trench

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

It’s not about the tears
It’s not about the kisses
It’s not about the flowers
It’s not about the moment

It’s not about the ring
It’s not about the smile
What has romance become?
I can’t be the only one

What happened to the times –
A couch meant so much more?
And fancy dresses and such
Were just for stupid balls

It’s the comfort, not the rush
The security, not the butterflies
It’s the person – not the action
Not an idea but an emotion

Candid Capture
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

I used to walk alone a path so dark
But then you slowed to join my pace
When everyone was happy to let me be
You grasped my hand with a smile on your face

For years I’ve seen another
My dreams were filled with fantasy
But then you came into my life
Showed me sights I’ve never seen

One night, alone, as we spent time
Proved little difference between us
Secret pasts and tragic views
Hits us hard just like a bus

So now you hold something of me
Just do with it as you please
I am not bothered, wish no ill will
So long as “us” will never cease

Hidden in Plain Sight
By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

A single rose inside my chest –
Blooms when you are smile
It’s in the way your eyes shine
With such mirth and trust and wile

A single rose inside my chest –
Withers when you frown
It’s in the way your voice reflects
How exactly you have drowned

A single rose inside my chest –
Is pressed whenever you speak
As if your words a memory,
I’d forever wish to keep

A single rose inside my chest –
Flutters when you’re near
And petals fall as it quickly shakes
And buries me in fear

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

He searches the crowd and tries
To not admit that I’m right there
Watching as he does deny
Each touch and word and stare

Long ago I would have hurt
And cursed him to oblivion
But now I live in silent mirth
For I know I’m one in a million

My mind is clear, more so than his
And I wait for him to come
And touch the gem that he did miss
And for me to call him dumb

For now I wait as he looks –
As his gaze wanders away
Because I know like in old books
It is for me that he will stay

By: Leigh Ansel-Grant

She runs through a field so divine
Pretending she’s nothing but fine
While that is all dandy
Her wide grin is handy
It’s trouble that soon she will find

He walks past the closet, so sure
He’s nothing but innocence pure
Inside the door hides
Where skeletons die
And forthwith there isn’t a cure

They pretend that all this is swell
That they do not hide in a shell
She’s nothing but miserable
He’s very irritable
But, no, there’s no way that is hell


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