Palanca (Poetry Anthology III)

Home is a Wish
Dedicated To: Gabriel & Rafaeli

A home is not a house
A building with for walls
A roof is not important
It kills you when it falls

A home is not a feeling
Though comfort is a factor
It’s easy to mislead
Especially with favour

A home is not a person
Who boosts you when you’re down
It isn’t some love novel
A story of your own

A home is what you make
You decide it readily
Because it is you who claims it
And continues steadily

Dedicated to: Yassi, Lou, Angela, Raven, Isla, & Carin

F stands for fleeting
  Cause they tend to disappear
R stands for reminisce
  All the times you spent with cheer

I stands for impossible
  Which they are to just replace
E stands for empty
  Which you are if no one stays

N stands for normal
  That they never make you feel
D stands for dream
  Cause they make you feel surreal

S stands for something
  Not exactly quite specific
  Because around them, yes –
  You can’t help but feel terrific

Promise Me Something
Dedicated to: Trent

Mind if I ask a question?
What would you do –
If I decided to go?
And take away what made me so?

You don’t have to answer
I just want to know
Would you feel happy or sad?
For I don’t want you to feel bad

I don’t think you’ll chase me
I’m not that naïve
But could you grant me one last thing?
A certain promise with no ring

Don’t look for me when I’m gone
Just let me give up
Cause if you truly cared for me
You’d let me be the least bit free

Dedicated to: Davey & Will

I watch from afar and wait
You stare at him like he’s the world
I hold a snigger and then see
A future that was meant to be

Another day, another sight
He looks at you like a treasure
I roll my eyes, release a breath
You both would be my cause of death

You pull me aside one odd, odd day
And I squeal as you utter your words
I knew it, yes, I really did scream
A perfect couple, you both I deemed

It’s like spring, a new beginning starts
And I’ll watch it from the sidelines
As you grasp his large hand firmly
And he smiles at you so ever warmly

Star Catcher
Dedicated to: Luke

Star light, star bright
That was what we said
To close our eyes, make a wish
And then to smile widely

First star I see tonight
The line that rose your head
Think one time and be selfish
No one else would have to see

I wish I may, I wish I might
We’d just say and go ahead
Our hearts’ desire, things we cherish
All with just one plea

Hope this wish would come tonight
It’s as if we’d soon be dead
Extend our hand, a little swish
And in our hands a star shines brightly

Knife to the Back
Dedicated to: Kazuya

To live, to love, to laugh
That’s what they told us
We practiced these together
Then you decided to leave

Was I too naïve to think –
That you were mine forever?
I loved you more than anything
I loved you more than me

You chose to live –
You chose to love –
You chose to laugh –
Without me by your side

And hard as I try
I’m just not you
Can’t forget, can’t let go
I am broken from inside

Dedicated to: Julian

Are you insane?
Are you dim?
I’m standing here
And you’re just there

You look away
I then groan
What else is there?
What else is more?

Love sucks –
And so do you!
I know this, yeah?
But still hold on

So look away
But don’t regret
I loved you though
Don’t you forget


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