Salt Lake Castle

The wind is blowing, sand’s in my eye
You lean in close and I don’t mind
I don’t know how much time we’ve spent

Pales and shovels, can’t help but stare
I need to see that you’re still there
My heartbeats I don’t know what they meant

Loud laughs with hidden smiles
I take it in just for a while and,
Take a breath that I was holding in

The crystal skies they all turn gray
It’s shining bright, but you can’t stay so,
I’ll relive this moment once again

I know. I know
That this was never meant to be
I know. I know
This love was just a fantasy


Waves crash on the shore
And, Castles fall, but I’ll make more
Cause I know,
I don’t want to go
As the sun sets, baby
I want you to tell me

That I’m everything to you

I know. I know
These moments never last
But, for me
It’s ending way too fast
I take your hand, say I love you so
You just smile, And then let go


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