Alone & Hollow

I used to think that love was beautiful and endless
You walked into my life, rendered my heart defenseless

I cried and laughed and saw our future in my sleep
But every promise made was just for me to keep

Cause now, I lay here
Alone and hollow,
Trying to stop the tears

Was this some stupid game that you wanted to play?
If that’s true then you’ll hear what I have to say

Your friends they point and laugh with you taking the lead
Somehow I’ve just become a toy that you don’t need

But, yes, you’re in for quite the shock yes I assure
Pretend to stand tall take when else you’ve got in store

And now, I lay here
Alone and hollow,
Fighting back the tears

This is a stupid game that I don’t want to play
But don’t think that you won’t answer for made mistakes

Who do you think you are?
Breaking my heart in two
Have you had fun, so far?
Destroying me and you
You won’t just walk away
As I stay shattered
I’ll make you pay
One day

For now I’m free
In pain and hurting
But at least now I see

That happy endings weren’t meant for those who waited
You have to reach for them,
Fight for them,
And take them


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