Twitter Story (Poetry Anthology IV)

“Say you’ll never let me go”

I wake up
My smile
In your arms
Pull me closer
They tighten
Gets wider
Curtains blow
You stir
Warmth seeps
How I –
Wake from sleep

Don’t Let Me Down
“Reaching out,  I call your name”

It’s dark
Pitch black
I reach out
I shout
There’s nothing
Your name
Comes forth
I try
I cry
There’s nothing
It’s cold
Yet I wait
Stay still

Inside Out
“Let me see the dark sides”

You pull away
Don’t fight
Stay away
Don’t mind
Start a fight
Let it be
Yell with spite
Fine by me
Just say
You’ll stay
One more day
With me

Until You Were Gone
“I guess I should have known”

You walk by
I say “Hi”
You look away
Pain stays
In our home
I’m alone
Miss the sound
Of your moans
Look out –
Zip mouth –
Should’ve known

“We ain’t ever getting older”

A long time
Has it been?
You’re eyes
Meet mine
They shine
Still fine
A long time
It’s been
Odd day
You wave
As always
I cave
All over again

All We Know
“I go everywhere you go”

New York
I’ll go
So long as
Your hand
Stays in mine
I’ll go
Don’t want to
We fight
I’m fine
To Hell
I’ll go
Just cause
I love you so

Setting Fires
“I can’t keep you from harm”

I pull you away
From demise –
That awaits
I push you down
Where its safe
On the ground
I’ll do what I can
To make sure –
You’ll stand again

“We’ll show them we are better”

White clouds
Blue skies
Look left
Meet eyes
We smile
Reach Out
With own
Loud laughs
Won’t matter
If we die
Falling’s just
Another way to fly

Something Just Like This
“Just something I can turn to”

On the couch
Feet entangled
Arms embraced
Another day of –
Normalcy awaits
I cuddle closer
You groan –
But accomodate
Our own –
Ever after


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